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Leadership Trends

When it comes to leadership trends, once again it’s safe to say that “It’s the best of times and the worst of times!”


The “Worst” Indicators
  • Alcohol use is increasingly common among leaders, despite the growing documentation that it is a “dangerous liberty” and a questionable example.
  • Worship at the technological tower of Babel is rewiring our brain and causing us to lose our capacity for concentration and contemplation. Reflection is in short supply.
  • Facebook and the avalanche of internet distractions are not only leading to discouragement but crowding out life-giving, face-to-face relationships.
  • Arrogance among gifted leaders is deceiving them to believe that their exceptional abilities make them the exception. Every leader needs the humility to welcome feedback and to consider that he might be wrong.
The “Best” Indicators
  • Prioritizing family life and setting personal boundaries are leading to greater sustainability among leaders. Self-care is no longer considered selfish.
  • Journaling, using paper planners and taking notes by hand are making a bit of a comeback and increasingly common habits among those seeking focus. Writing is helping leaders to both plan and remember better.
  • Soul Care is no longer considered to be optional. There is a growing hunger for authentic relationships with other leaders that not only encourage transparency, but even allow vulnerability.
  • Humility is motivating leaders . . . not only to build and lead effective teams but to honor them by at times deferring to them. A solitary leader is at best a naive leader and at worst a leader at risk.
Once again when it comes to trends it’s neither all this or that . . . it’s both. I continue to find more joy in focusing on the best leadership trends of our time rather than the worst! How about you?


Grace and Peace,
Dr. Alan Ahlgrim
Director of  Covenant Groups
The Center for Church Leadership